12 Ways to Sabotage Your Emails

Nowadays, Business etiquette goes beyond just shaking hands. It includes email, telephone etiquette, and social media etiquette.

Once upon a time, people used to pick up the phone and call – now, we all just send a quick email.

Want to send emails which make everyone roll their eyes or make you seem incompetent? Feel free to ignore the following pointers:

  1. Always put a topic in the “subject” box.
  2. “Hello Lovely”, “Hi”, “Hey there” – should only be used if you know the recipient very well! In business settings use: “Good morning/afternoon”, “Dear Mr./Ms.”
  3. Use appropriate business language, proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  5. Using 🙂 :))))) :)))))))))))))))))))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ???!!??!?!?!  – is not professional.
  6. Avoid abbreviations such as TTYL, HYD, TGIF, L8
  7. Emoji take over the world – but, they are inappropriate in a business email.
  8. Make it easy on your recipient’s eyes: Use the standard font and size. Keep your background simple – It is hard to read on a colorful background.
  9. Remember that e-mails are not confidential – unless stated.
  10. Reply All – only if really everyone needs to read your answer.
  11. Unless invited to first name basis – always address a person using Mr. or Ms.
  12. Emails do have a “voice” – make sure to keep it friendly. “I hope you had a great weekend”, “I wish you a wonderful day”, “I hope this note/email finds you well” – those few extra seconds will ensure your email has the right tone.
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Gisela conducts interactive workshops for companies and organizations interested in ensuring that every member exudes the highest level of professionalism and intercultural awareness. She assists teams in developing a culture which prevents conflict and fosters growth and individual appreciation. 

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