Just a short note of thanks for your outstanding presentation yesterday for our MTC Entrepreneur Club. You drew one of the largest (if not the largest) attendances we have had!!! Everyone was responding to your cues, all were listening, and your points being made on first impressions, dress code, body language, and manner of speech were right on target.

J. Tom Ledbetter, Jr.
Associate Vice President
Center for Entrepreneurial Success and Community Engagement
Midlands Technical College

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful presentation yesterday at the Center for Women group. The tips you gave about entering and exiting a group (never intrude on a group of two!) and general etiquette were fascinating. I will be sure to put them to good use next time I am at a social event.

Anna Maria L.


On behalf of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, we are writing to express our sincere appreciation for your providing of the Keynote Address during the Outclass the Competition Session of South Carolina Business Week. The students, staff, and volunteers appreciate your time and contribution to providing such powerful words to our business leaders of tomorrow. With your support, South Carolina Business Week 2016 was a successful and dynamic business education experience for many of South Carolina’s best and brightest high school students. Your talk was wonderful, and the amount of energy you brought really kept the students energized during your session. Our students survey reports you as one of three Most Influential Speakers and Favorite Speakers of the Week. Please take great pride in your commitment and dedication for making a difference in the lives of students across the wonderful state of South Carolina.

Antonio Riley
Department of Education Associate
SC Chamber of Commerce


Engaging. Enthusiastic. You just can’t doze off on her. Gisela knows how to keep the audience engaged and focused. Her enthusiasm will keep you captured from start to finish. We received raving reviews from our students about her presentation. Her ability to connect to a variety of personalities and cultures is a true gift. Gisela did  an awesome presentation to our students at our Financial Literacy Workshop on Nov 3, 2015. Thank you!

Guohua Ma, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance
Department of Business Administration
South Carolina State University


"Wow. I never thought a class on etiquette could be interesting. Gisela presents the material in a way that captures the attention of an audience leaving them wanting more. She then amazes you with her attention to detail. Finally she tells you what you need to hear to better yourself in a manner that is firm but caring. Keep doing what you are doing. Many thanks to you."

Abraham Lewis, CESP
Case Manager
Midlands Homeless Alliance/Transitions


"I have witnessed clients leaving this class with smiles on their faces. Some folks even stay later to talk after the meeting with the instructor to learn more and several clients have stated to me how much they have enjoyed the class and feel more confident to find and keep a job. Thanks for all you do!"

Lauren Wilkie, LMSW
Director of Programs, Transitions


Gisela, You were a great speaker. I’d love to know if you had any training on public speaking because I need more training myself and I thought you were great today! Thank you.

Marcie Renshler 


It was very interesting + informative + helpful. Thank you.

Maryann Clark-Durell


Gisela's insights and coaching are truly helpful. Her honesty, creativity and straightforward approach were just what I needed to be able to break through some long-held unproductive beliefs.

Gareth Morris



Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us for the Brown bad today. I know the attendees valued your presentation. We appreciate your insight!

Leigh Ann,

Manager, Marketing & Events, Center for Woman, SC


I enjoyed your presentation at the Brown Bag Lunch by the Center for Women.

I especially liked the advice for entering a room; “I am here. I belong here.” That self-confidence leaves a good first impression!

Thank you again for sharing meaningful information.

Trudy Mercy Brown
Realtor, CNAS, CNMS
ERA Wilder Realty

You did an awesome job. You kept my attention which is hard to do

Sherry Williams

Gisela was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. As a smaller person, I feel that I benefited tremendously from this seminar because of her teachings and your presence.

Jazzmin’ Pope

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