Decoding Cultural Traits

As the Haute Dog Lady, it is a norm to interact with multiple cultures throughout the day. Often times within minutes I have a different culture (client) in front of me ready to interact. To improve the effectiveness of communication I actively practiced attuning myself to the person in front of me.


Dine Like a Diplomate

Knowing the rules of dinning etiquette, the Dos and Don’ts, will make you feel confident no matter the occasion and location – from the Hot Dog Joint to the White House, from Stuttgart to New York, from Europe to America. Our Seminar, Dine Like a Diplomate, will give you the tools to not only be a pleasant and respectful guest, as well as an excellent host.


Outclass the Competition

Living in a time when information so readily available to the masses, outsourcing and automation are rapidly taking over, do-it-yourself Apps and programs plaster the internet, and competitors now reside across the globe; knowing how to instinctively follow the algorithm for etiquette is becoming more and more the making or breaking point of professional and social success.


Mingle Like a Pro

Besides it being absolutely fun, meeting new people will also give you opportunities to pitch yourself. In the end you are, and will always, be your best sales person.


Business Etiquette

The Principles of Professionalism/ The Best You Forward


Cross Cultural Awareness

Living in a world which never sleeps and where forces emerging from digital hyperconnection not only connect but also sway markets and minds, dealing with customers and clients from various continents is rapidly becoming the norm.


Dining Skills

When was the last time you dad a business lunch and you were thinking more about the fork and knife than the topics of the meeting? Cancelled a luncheon because you wondered whether your dining skills are up to par? Wished you would become part of the dining setting and just disappear because you were not sure what to do? Let’s change that!

Ready to get started?


Protocol & Etiquette Consulting
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