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The subject needed to be covered to help communication

I enjoyed the presentation

Excellent speaker. Thanks

Very informative… great to be reminded of proper etiquette for everyday communication.

Enjoyed your humor

Fantastic, Fun presentation. Kept my attention and interest – liked the interaction with the audience.

Enjoyed program, very interesting and entertaining. Great Energy.

Very good examples & specific tips to communicate business

You provided a good example of what you shared with our group – the night before when you introduced yourself.

Very helpful information

Very Good – Enjoyed it. Thanks

How to Train our Clients to be Nicer and Respect Us:

When everything goes well, things are easy. Relationships and character are tested and their true natures are revealed in times of trouble. However, the right actions before and during "the storm" can actually strengthen any relationship.

Trust is the foundation of any long-term and successful relationship. The question is: How do we build trust with our clients and ensure a positive relationship in times of trouble?


Working the Room with Executive Presence:

I sing because I am happy. Well, according to research it's actually: I am happy because I sing. Being aware of one’s body language and how to use it to use it to our advantage is the icing on the "networking game" virtual cake. This workshop will focus on providing tools for pre-networking prep, how to get in and out of a group/conversation, preventing and handling etiquette blunders, and how to avoid professional mine fields.

But first, we'll focus on getting our mind and body language ready.


E-tiquette – cell phones, emails, texts:

It’s very true that the first impression is a lasting impression and that we only get one chance to make a first impression. Hence, most of us put a lot of effort into creating a solid first impression – in person. Nowadays, however, the first impression phase has extended to first email, cell phone, and text interactions. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of E-tiquette will ensure that we finish our first impression on a strong and positive note.

“Bye Bye 😊” – I meant: “Good bye”.

Cell phone

It’s not personal – it’s cultural:

What makes a savvy global communicator? Cultural sensitivity is integral to building lasting, positive relationships with people from anywhere in the world. Understanding how culture influences an individual’s style of communication, perception of time, and the importance of rank and hierarchy will help us to maneuver this potential mine field by changing our own style accordingly. This will make the world feel like home, and make the world feel at home with us.

These are the makings of a savvy global communicator.


Wake Me Up When It’s Over:

Let’s face it. Some topics are just plain boring. Understanding how to engage an audience and keep their attention despite presenting a boring topic will leave the presenter exhausted, but it will ensure that the information and presentation are well-remembered by the audience.

Understanding the perfect balance between play and focus is the key to an informative and memorable presentation.

Stage presence is practiced. Storytelling is learned. Being remembered is earned.


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We envision a world in which people will feel respected, culturally understood and professionally engaged.


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